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Round 9:Mamedeyarov in sole lead at Grand Prix
IMG 6741 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov defeated Anish Giri in ninth round of Grand Prix in Beijing and took the sole lead in the tournament. Boris Gelfand lost few chances to win against Wang Hao and the game finished in draw. Alexander Grischuk drew against Alexander Morozevich and placed half a point behind of Shakhriyar. Veselin Topalov and Peter Leko share the third place with 5 out of 9.
Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar – Giri, Anish 1-0

Anish Giri mixed the moves in the opening and his position became simply lost. “I cannot really explain what happened. I remembered there was Rad8 in this line but now I’m not sure where exactly. I would automatically play 15…Bd5 if I was not so concentrated on my preparation,” said Anish at the press conference.  It took him one hour to understand that thing went wrong after 17.Nb4 and Black has hopeless position.

Ivanchuk, Vassily – Leko, Peter 1/2-1/2

Peter Leko was absolutely sure Vassily tried to catch him in the opening but Ukrainian player just didn’t see Leko’s game form Russian Team Championship where Peter Leko has already played 17…Qb7.  “I’m not concentrated on chess last months,” explained Vassily his lack of knowledge. The precise move 20…Nc5 was still home preparation of Hungarian player.  According to Peter Leko, computer shows 20…Nf6 but it’s not good for Black. After 20…Nc5 Peter Leko didn’t face problems to make a draw.

Kamsky, Gata – Karjakin. Sergey 1/2-1/2

Sergey Karjakin was quite happy with a draw today after he lost three games in a row. Gata Kamsky chose to play Colle System and got playable position after the opening. American player managed to close king’s side first and then safely made short castling. In the position with opposite side castling there was a question if White can break through the blockade of Black or not.  According to Kamsky, there were many plans in the position but all of them looked risky.

Wang Hao - Gelfand, Boris  1/2-1/2

The most dramatic game of the round.  Wang Hao had comfortable position but missed the track and let Boris Gelfand to get initiative. In one moment Chinese player blundered a piece after Nf5. Boris could have played Nc3 but missed this opportunity. In the queens endgame Black still had good winning chances but White fought till the end.  After 7 hours of play Boris Gelfand missed the victory with his last move Qe4. The forced maneuver 83…Qg8-c4-f1 would give him full point.

Grischuk, Alexander - Morozevich, Alexander 1/2-1/2

White obtained the position with stable edge and as Alexander Grischuk pointed out at the press conference he tried to play logically and it was not clear where he missed his adavantage. Alexander Morozevich didn’t really like his position but after 21.e5 Black got contra play. After first time control the position was about equal and the game finished with perpetual after 56 moves. 
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